Bowzo violin practice aid - B00DBWZ7O8

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  • Violing bow guide to help learn straight bowing technique

  • Stylish, durable and small enough to fit in your violin case

  • Quick & easy to fit and remove between practice and performance

  • Designed to fit violin sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4, full size, and small violas (11-14 inch)

  • BowZo is a revolutionary aid to learning to play the violin and small-sized viola. Designed by a violinist, for violinists, the bowZo is a slotted open tube made from a flexible polymer which can be easily fitted over the bridge and fingerboard of your instrument. When the bowZo is in position, beginners quickly achieve the correct “straight bowing” angle which leads to the development of a richer musical tone and the production of sweeter violin notes. The bowZo’s slot guides the violin bow so that it travels at the correct 90 degree angle to the violin strings. Overall, a practical and stylish violin bow guide to allow you to progress promptly with proper technique.

    Bowzo violin practice aid - B00DBWZ7O8

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