Geoworld Dinosaurs Collection Triceratops Kit - B0159XV1B4

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  • Begin the amazing journey into prehistory with Dr Steve, the most fun paleontologist in the world

  • Dr. Steve is honored to present the most comprehensive collection of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, from the most famous to the most rare

  • Every model is a scientifically accurate reproduction, perfect replicas of the monsters that populated the earth before humans

  • The scientific name and the scale of reduction are written on the belly of each model

  • Collect them all and document your findings by adding the identity card to your field guide, your very own paleontologist's diary

  • The largest and most complete collection on the market, to play, explore, and learn all about dinosaurs, marine reptiles, other prehistoric animals, and cave men. Each model is a faithful and detailed reproduction: every specimen developed according to the latest scientific discoveries, under the supervision of paleontologist, dr. Stefano Piccini, who developed the whole collection in collaboration with other experts. Each model comes to life by skilled sculptors who reproduce the dynamic posture and proportions specific to the model, and a hand-painted finish. Each model is accompanied by an identity card full of info and tips to add to a "diary" of scientific expeditions. Perfect for children 4 to 12 years old with a passion for geology and paleontology; an educational experience that combines science with fun, learning with manual skills. All Geoworld products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, and are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the international safety protocols. Geoworld production centers adhere to strict guidelines ensuring the maintenance and observance of these standards. Each Geoworld product: links manual skills and learning. Contains tangible evidence of millions of years of earth's history. Creates a unique experience in the world of fossils, minerals, gems and dinosaurs. Is designed and engineered in Italy by our team of experts and scientists.

    Geoworld Dinosaurs Collection Triceratops Kit - B0159XV1B4

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